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Serving the Hudson County NY Area

At Wild Well and Pump Inc., we provide the Hudson Valley NY area with Water Well Services, including Well Casing Extensions, Well Locating, Well Inspection, Well Chlorination, Water Lines, and Well Water Hydrants.

Well Extensions to New York State DEC Code
In New York State, a well casing is required to be 1 foot above grade, with a vermin proof well cap. This keeps your well from getting contaminated with bacteria, pests and other harmful elements. Raising your well casing protects you from future issues and is healthier for you and your family!

Water Well Locating
Many customers are unaware of the location of their water well. Knowing where your well is located is important for repairs and upgrades such as well pump replacement and piping, or when a well needs to be chlorinated.

Water Well Chlorination
Your Hudson Valley NY area water well should be chlorinated every two years. Over time, bacteria can grow, and this bacteria can then be transferred to your home. Chlorinating a well kills harmful bacteria, keeping your water clean and healthy.

Water Well Inspection
Inspecting your well before there is an issue is important to ensure that your pump, tank, and entire water well system is working properly.

Water Lines
These are the main access lines for water to get to your home. We provide lines for new construction as well as replacements and repairs on old ones.

Well Water Hydrants
We provide frost-free yard hydrants for easier access to your well water for outdoor needs.

Yard Hydrant for Water Well - Hudson Valley NY

Yard Hydrant for Well Water

Water Well Casing Extension - Hudson Valley NY

Well Casing Extension

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